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Thanks for listening to Mark Stross' TechByte Show, Wednesday mornings, with Bulldog, Coach, and Big Al, at about 9am EST, or whenever the Mayor is finished.

I fall asleep some nights listening to Old Time Radio. There are thousands of shows to be explored and enjoyed. These shows will teach you a great deal about American culture. In fact, you'd be surprised to find out that the things that are happening today, have happened before. News, culture, attitudes, and fears repeat in history. This archive proves it.


Also, I selected a few links that allow you to hear radio from D-Day, and other war correspondence. These things should be, in my opinion, a part of everyone's education. We think that during the past couple of years we have had it tough; just listen to these wartime radio clips and just reflect on how fortunate we are today, even in the midst of a pandemic and global shortages. We don't give ourselves enough credit for the progress we have made. Enjoy this trip into the past.


Peering over the Edge,