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In Everyday Technology

Mark Stross brings the edge of technology. The edge refers to being in front of the trend, daring to look over the edge, and offering solutions and entertainment that is scary and informative.

The Keynote

When you want to know the edge in a subject and truly explore the good and bad of any topic. Allow Mark to dive into your subject matter and reveal brand new insight. 

The Podcast

Join Mark and the gang at Ocean 98 for the weekly TechByte Show. Laugh, learn, and leverage your knowledge of technology to keep you effective, creative, and safe.

The Book

Coming soon, the essential book to survive--No, --to thrive--in the new era of technology. Mark will give you the tools to get the most out of tech without losing your soul, or your privacy.

About Mark Stross

Born in London and schooled in Switzerland, Mark brings a world of experience to the American relationship with technology. A courageous and natural creative, he printed teletype on a roll of paper towel from his boarding school dorm after accessing a nearby government defense network.

An OG of the Amiga Computer User Group, he saw potential in personal computers launching one of the first televised animated shows from a personal computer in his garage.

Today, he is credited with creating the software technology that runs the 360 degree video ribbons inside sports arenas, and with his team, runs some of the largest video LED displays in America. His software design is seen by millions of people every day, adding interest and beauty to iconic places across North America.

His love for technology extends to music. As a creator of techno music, Mark Stross, aka MJ Stross, has 3 albums inspired by his life experiences, that he calls Diary of a Technologist 1, 2, and 3. His music is inspired by his life experiences, and fuels his continued creative pursuits.

With more than 30 years in the technology business, Mark is a sought after keynote speaker, consultant, and educator in all things technology.

One of the good guys, he earned the title of America's technologist, with a passion to guide people to a healthy, productive, creative, and SAFE relationship with technology and the internet of things.

The Podcast

  • No one can get away from using it.

    We are all dependent if not addicted to it. Technology. Mark Stross, a pioneer in the development of large LED video displays, has transformed buildings and places all over, seen by millions of people daily. His knowledge of technology, philosophy, and the human experience informs his keen sense of what's happening, and what is coming, in a way that educates, inspires, and scares the hell out of you; leaving you informed and ready to engage in a new way. Some episodes come from his TechByte Show, heard weekly on Ocean98FM, Bulldog's Rude Awakening Show.

    Extra Bytes Blog

    Music by Mark Stross

    A Diary of a Technologist, by MJ Stross (2006)

    A Diary of a Technologist V2, by MJ Stross (2010)

    A Diary of a Technologist, V3, by MJ Stross (2020)

    At the completion of my first CD, A Diary of a Technologist, I thought I knew what life was all about. To my dismay, the years following that first release have been intense, stressful, wonderful, emotional, difficult, rewarding, and maturing. The music in V2 is intense and tells the story...not with vocals but with musical riffs. 

    When I am asked to describe my musical work, I respond, "Symphonic Filmic Techno", my unique, home-made definition. My songs come from the movie that is my life; covering seasons of the recent past. 

    I have weathered a tough custody battle for my children, destruction of my house in Hurricane Ike, and the deployment of my technologies at the Dallas Cowboys Arena. In these past few years, life's full-force winds have blown my way, bending but not breaking me. Both the music and the man are much better for it. This growth born from trials now leads me to say often, "Only death justifies not making something better of your life." Warmly, MJ Stross

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